Зоонимы и фитонимы в английском языке

Зоонимы и фитонимы в английском языке

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The given course project is devoted to the study of the national and cultural specificity of English phraseological units with a “zoonym” and a “phytonym” component. Phraseology has always attracted the interest of researchers, since the national and cultural specificity and mental characteristics of people are most clearly manifested in phraseological units, which are of the greatest value for language and successful communication. Zoonyms and phytonyms - names of representatives of the animal and plant world, in the understanding of which society reflects images dating back to ancient mythology, traditions and customs of native speakers - are one of the greatest phenomena in the lexical system of the language. The study of phraseological units (hereinafter referred to as PU), which include a zoonym component, as well as the consideration of cultural connotations contained in the semantics of zoonym components, allows us to obtain more accurate information about the values and beliefs of the English in regard to the world. PUs with zoonym and phytonym components have emerged on the basis of figurative rethinking of the phenotypic behavior and habits of wild and domestic animals and plants, and thus became an assessment system of the national world picture.

Introduction 3
Chapter I. 4
1.1. Phraseology as a part of Linguistics 4
1.2. Classification of phraseological units 6
1.3. The functions of phraseological units 10
1.4. Zoonyms and phytonyms as units of the lexicon 15
1.5. Zoonyms in Phraseology 17
Classification of idioms with a zoonym component 17
1.6. Phytonyms in Phraseology 19
1.7. Plant motifs in Celtic culture 23
Chapter II. Practical part 25
2.1. The analysis of English phraseological units with phytonym and zoonym components 25
Conclusion 32
List of Literature: 32
List of Dictionaries: 32


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